For every cap sold, we donate $5 to one of four non-governmental organizations dedicated to fighting global warming and remedying its harmful effects.

World Animal Protection

For each Rhino cap sold, we will donate $5 to the World Animal Protection, a non-profit dedicated to protecting species –– especially those harmed by global warming or the severe and dangerous practices that propel its course. When we sell a Rhino Cap, our $5 might go towards feeding an endangered species for several weeks (perhaps an elephant) or could contribute to raising awareness about the cruelty of animal captivity or the harmful climate effects of mass farming.

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Bondh E Shams

For each hat of the Renewable Line sold, we will donate $5 to Bondh E Shams, a global water charity that uses innovative renewable energy sources to provide clean water to millions of people. When we sell a Wind Turbine Cap and send $5 to Bondh E Shams, this translates to 2.5L of water saved per day for 20 years, which equals 10 cups of clean water every day while their project is active.

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Lonely Whale

For each Coral hat sold, we will donate $5 directly to Lonely Whale, a global incubator founded on “radical collaboration” that takes courageous ideas and helps create impactful change to protect our planet’s oceans. When we sell a Coral cap, the $5 we send to Lonely Whale go towards educating future generations on the gravity of global warming.

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Make A Change World

For each Penguin hat sold, we will donate $5 directly to Make a Change World, an organization dedicated to ridding bodies of water of plastic and working towards sustainable solutions to our global plastic problem. The Arctic is a “dead-end” for ocean plastic, and a recent study by National Geographic found disproportionate amounts of micro-plastic in samples of Arctic ice, which in turn serves to destabilize the fragile ecosystems. When we sell a Penguin Cap, the $5 we send to Make A Change World go towards cleaning Indonesia's plastic-polluted waterways.

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In early 2019, co-Founders Michael Medvedev and Peter Frelinghuysen––student-athletes at Williams College––saw an opportunity to make a difference.

The two had travelled to southern California in March 2019 to compete against west coast tennis teams. Both Michael and Peter had long and unruly hair, and the southern California sun proved a tougher opponent than it had in northern Massachusetts––wearing a hat became a match-essential. When they returned to Williams, they soon realized that they seldom left their dorm rooms without a cap––for their hair, for the sun. What had started as a functional accessory soon transformed into a deliberate style-piece. Both Michael and Peter grew their hat collections, and had fun doing it––friends and teammates would constantly ask into the designs on their caps. But something fundamental was missing: purpose.

In June, after completing the academic year at Williams, Michael and Peter combined their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship with their love of nature and concern for the environment to found Earth Caps. Since then, their commitment to fighting global warming has only grown as they have researched and learned more about the looming threat climate change poses.


Our end-goal has always been to create a cap that is carbon neutral. We are currently in the R&D phase of producing a (customizable) cap that is made out of 100% repurposed materials: a sustainable Earth Cap! Until then, we seek to lend purpose to our designs––raising awareness about global warming and its devastating effects.

Ultimately, by wearing our caps, you promote the fight against global warming and its devastating effects. Simply put: buy a cap, save the Earth.


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